The Art of Giving your Event Flavors

Have you ever been to an event where it is supposedly sorrowful but decorated with bright colors? Have you ever been to an event where it is a birthday party, but the decorations are bland, and the venue looks like a wake? This is the importance of incorporating appropriate design elements in your event as you do not want to evoke emotions from people who are not suitable for the event they are attending.

Here are some factors to consider when decorating certain events:

The Type of Event

Is it a birthday party? Is it a graduation party? After the prom party? Or is it a funeral? Decorating events like those takes a lot of consideration as decors should appropriately match the event. This is why it is important to know what event you will be holding, as you do not want to have black balloons, black table cloths, or black carpet at a baby or kid’s birthday party. You want the event to instill an impactful, positive, and lasting emotion. Considering how you will be evoking an emotion from the attendees is what makes an event successful, and this is through decorating the event appropriately. Decorative elements such as colorful balloons can make people think that we are celebrating a birthday party since it is instilled in the human mind that bright colors signify happiness. Decorating the event with white flowers and a color tone—bright colors for a wedding or a black color for a wake is an example of appropriating decorative elements. Knowing the event first provides you and the event planning enterprise an overview of what will make your event memorable and successful.

The Event’s Color Palette

Colors evoke emotions in humans. You do not want a black color in a kid’s party since black signifies death. You want your child’s birthday party to be bright-colored as it feasts their eyes, making it memorable for the kid. If it is a wedding event, you want to decorate your event in white with a hint of bright colors such as blue or green to give flavor to your wedding party. Again, you do not want to have a black rose bouquet or a black carpet when you walk down the aisle since marriage should be a nostalgic and joyous event for the couple. Colors affect the mood of the people. It impacts the emotions of the people. We should choose the appropriate decorative element and colors before holding the event to ensure that we can communicate the event’s purpose as soon as they see how it is decorated.

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